FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General queries

Who can I contact if I have a PayPulse query?

For all PayPulse queries, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on  92860 (toll-free in Namibia) or +264 61 294 2136 from anywhere in the world (regional/international call rates will apply).

Is it expensive to transact on PayPulse?

No. All WiCode and merchant payments, and electricity and airtime top-ups are free to the customer.

Is my money safe on my PayPulse Account?

Yes. PayPulse has undergone penetration testing against hacking, exploits, trojans etc. and has proven to be secure. Fraudsters can only access your PayPulse Account if you divulge your PayPulse PIN or bank card information. Therefore, please keep this information safe at all times and never share it with anyone.

How can I apply for a PayPulse Merchant Account?

To apply for a PayPulse Merchant Account, please send an email to namibia-paypulse@standardbank.com.na and the team will be in touch.

Can I link agent bank card to my PayPulse account?

Yes, any Namibian bank card can be linked to PayPulse.

Can I fund my PayPulse account using an agent bank card?

Yes, any 3D secure Namibian bank card can fund a PayPulse Account. Nedbank, Standard bank and FNB are 3D secure.


How to use PayPulse

How do I register for PayPulse?

Registering for PayPulse is easy. Simply download the PayPulse App from the App Store or Google Play or dial *140*6626# for PayPulse USSD.

What number must I dial to transact on PayPulse USSD?

Please dial *140*6626# to register for and use PayPulse USSD. PayPulse USSD has the same functions as the PayPulse App.

Can I use the same PayPulse Account on two or more cellphones at the same time?

If you have two cellphones with different numbers, you will need to open two different PayPulse Accounts. However, you can link the same bank cards to both of these PayPulse Accounts.

Can I save my electricity meter number in my PayPulse Account to avoid having to manually type it in every time I top up electricity?

Save your meter number as a contact in your cellphone. When prompted to enter the meter number, search for the meter number in your contacts. Please note that the PayPulse App requires access to the contacts on your cellphone in order for this feature to work. 


Requirements for using PayPulse

Do I have to be a Standard Bank client to use PayPulse?

You do not have to be a Standard Bank client to use PayPulse. In fact, you do not need a bank account at all. You only need a valid Namibian cellphone number to register for and use PayPulse.

Do I need a bank account to use PayPulse?

No, you do not need a bank account to use PayPulse. You can deposit cash into your PayPulse Account at any Standard Bank branch or participating WiCode merchant.

Do I need a smartphone to be able to use PayPulse?

No, you can use PayPulse on any type of cellphone. The only requirement is that you have a valid Namibian cellphone number. To access PayPulse from any phone, dial *140*6626# for PayPulse USSD.

Do I need airtime to access PayPulse USSD on *140*6626#?

No, accessing PayPulse USSD does not require any airtime. However, you will require airtime when using the PayPulse App.


Types of payments with PayPulse

Can I pay for parking using PayPulse?

Yes, you can use PayPulse to pay for parking at The Grove Mall of Namibia,Wernhil Park and Maerua Mall in Windhoek. The service will also be available at  Gustav Voigts Center soon. 

Can I use PayPulse to buy electricity?

You can use PayPulse to buy electricity from the following service providers and in the following towns/villages:

  • Oshakati Premier Electric, Cenored, Nored and ErongoRed
  • City of Windhoek and Walvis Bay Municipality
  • Town Councils of Aranos, Keetmanshoop, Lüderitz, Okahandja, Gobabis, Mariental and Rehoboth
  • Gibeon, Dordabis, Grünau, Noordoewer, Seeis and Stampriet
  • Finkenstein Estate, Omeya Estate, Otjomuise Housing Project, Elisenheim and Osona Village

Can I use PayPulse to pay invoices?

You can use PayPulse to make invoice payments to selected service providers, including NamWater, MTC, Sanlam, Santam, City of Windhoek and Walvis Bay Municipality. 

Can I use PayPulse to pay my municipal bills?

Yes, you can use PayPulse to pay your City of Windhoek and Walvis Bay Municipality rates and taxes. This service will also be available for Arandis, Mariental, Opuwo, Tsandi and Ruacana coming soon.


Topping up a PayPulse account

How can I top up my PayPulse Account?

You can top up your PayPulse Account using Standard Bank Internet Banking or Cellphone Banking, or via the PayPulse App or PayPulse USSD.

Can I top up my PayPulse Account from Enterprise Online or Business Online (BOL)?

No, this is not possible. However, businesses can sign up for PayPulse Business to enhance functionality for business purposes. Please contact our toll-free Customer Contact Centre on 92860 or email namibia-paypulse@standardbank.com.na for more information.

Do I have to top up my PayPulse Wallet in order to use PayPulse?

No. You can transact directly from the bank cards linked to your PayPulse Account. You can link up to three cards from any bank to your PayPulse Account.


Transactions outside Namibia

Can I receive overseas payments in my PayPulse Account?

No, PayPulse is limited to payments within Namibia.

Can I make payments to people/businesses in other countries from my PayPulse Account?

No, PayPulse payments can only be made within Namibia to Namibian cellphone numbers.

If I am based in SA, can I pay people in Namibia via PayPulse?

The PayPulse Business solution allows companies abroad to send money to Namibian cellphone numbers. However, this option is only open to business customers, not individual customers.

Can I use PayPulse for purchases while travelling overseas?

No, PayPulse is limited to making payments for goods and services within Namibia.

Can I send money from PayPal to PayPulse?

No. PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers, while PayPulse was designed and implemented for the Namibian market and allows users to send and receive money to any Namibian cellphone number.


PayPulse New Enhancements

What is Bill Splitting?

Bill splitting enables customers to settle group bills by only having one person pay it and the others refunding them via PayPulse.

How to initiate a refund Request:

  • The person paying will create a request for a maximum of 10 individuals and enter or select the numbers to whom they wish to send a request.
  • They then enter the amount, enter a reason, select "Split Bill", and send the request. The recipient has the choice to either accept or decline the request and can complete it by choosing their PayPulse wallet or any linked card.

What is Money Request all about?

The feature allows customers to request money from PayPulse users like a 'CallMe Request'. Upon receiving the request, the PayPulse user can accept or decline the request. Money Request is beneicial for those who need money urgently from friends and family members.

How to send a Money Request:

The initiator will enter or select the number to whom they wish to send a request. Enter the amount, reason, select "money request", and send.

  • The recipient has the choice to either accept or decline the request and can complete it by selecting their PayPulse wallet or any linked card.

What is the Self-QR Code feature about?

Customers can create QR codes, and users can scan them to make payments. This QR code simpliies the money-sending process because customers no longer need to enter a mobile number manually. This payment option is convenient and great for fast-paced small businesses.

How to generate a QR Code:

  • Open the PayPulse app on the main screen,
  • Select "MY QR" and display the QR code to the sending party.
  • The QR code can be saved to the gallery, incorporated in artwork and shared through various platforms.

What is Pay-by-Link?

Merchants can send secure payment link requests from the PayPulse merchant portal to a customer during a transaction. The customer then pays for the goods and services, and the merchant receives the funds into their merchant account.

  • The business will enter the customer's mobile number and amount requested on the portal.
  • The customer will then receive a payment link via SMS.
  • Once they click on the payment link, they will be prompted for their name, email address and mobile number, then redirected to another page to enter card details and a third page to authenticate the 3Dsecure transaction.

What is the PayPulse Funeral Plan?

It is an afforable plan that pays up to N$5,500 at N$10 per month on the Insured Person's death to cover funeral-related expenses. The service is only available to smartphone users.

How to apply:

  • Download the PayPulse App
  • Enter your PIN/Fingerprint
  • Press the Funeral Plan Icon
  • Choose OK for a Quote or Cancel to Decline the Request
  • Complete Your Details and Click Continue
  • Choose Buy to
  • Proceed or Cancel to Decline

What other new updates are there?

NBC TV Licence/ Telecom Mobile or Fixed Line Contract

This new feature allows you to pay for your TV licence and Telecom contract with PayPulse.

New Local Authority Additions

We have added Oniipa, Rundu, Helao Naidi and Otjiwarongo Local Authorities to our Rates and Taxes option.


Funeral Plan FAQ's

What is the PayPulse Funeral Plan

This Plan provides a lump sum benefit on the Insured Person's death to aid in covering funeral-related expenses to registered PayPulse account holders. The Benefit is taken voluntarily and only covers the Policyholder.

Who is the Insured Person / Policyholder?

The PayPulse account holder is the Insured Person/Policyholder and is eligible for cover under the Funeral Plan. The policy is issued to them, and they should be at least 18 years old but not older than 65 at the Commencement Date. The insured person is responsible for Premium Payments.

What is the Maximum Cover for the Insured Person?

Only one Policy is allowed per PayPulse account holder. The Insured Person is entitled to the Benefit on the happening of the Insured Event. The PayPulse Funeral Plan will provide cover on the Insured Person's death or a member of his family according to the benefit amount indicated on the Schedule.

What are the Benefits of this Funeral Plan?

PayPulse Funeral Plan will pay the Benefits on the happening of the Insured Event, i.e. death. Based on the Benefit scales reflected on the Schedule, the Benefit is payable for the funeral service provided for the Insured Person only in the event of their death due due to causes not excluded in these Terms and Conditions. The Benefit shall be payable to the nominated Beneficiary.

What does "Benefits Non-Assignable" mean?

The Benefits under this Agreement cannot be ceded, pledged or assigned in any way.

What is Fraud?

All Policyholders will forfeit their benefits under this policy if a claim is fraudulent in any respect or intentionally exaggerated. Liberty Life Namibia reserves the right to cancel this policy immediately, and all premiums paid hereunder will be forfeited.

What is the Notification Period?

A nominated beneficiary must submit a claim within six (6) months of the date of death of the Insured Person. The Insurer reserves the right to reject a claim not submitted within the Notification Period.

How are Premiums Deducted?

Premiums are payable monthly before the end of the month. Liberty Life Namibia will deduct the debit order Premium directly from the Insured Person's account on the selected date on the Application form.

How are Claims, Queries / Complaints submitted?

To claim a Benefit on your policy, contact Liberty Life Namibia.

Queries and Complaints:
Direct issues to Liberty Life Namibia - 0612942343/ Complaints@liberty.com.na. If the matter is not handled to your satisfaction or is unresolved, contact the Managing Director to take up the case with the Principal Officer. Alternatively, you can contact NAMFISA's Complaints Division at 0612905188 / complaintsdept@namfisa.com.na

What / When are premium rate reviews happening?

Premium rates are guaranteed for twelve (12) months and renewed annually after that.

What Evidence of healh is required?

No medical evidence is required to be eligible for the Funeral Plan.


Group Save FAQ's

What inspired the group save idea?

Trust has always been a major issue with Stokvel savings in the work place, communities and families, this insight kept coming to the fore during our research, and whilst it has been around for ages, transparency and trust has been a hindering factor to collective saving. That is why we have come up with a safe and easy way for people to save together with PayPulse.

What do I need to know regarding fees, interest, transacting limit and card linking?

For the group save account it is important to take note of the following regarding fees, interest, transacting limit and card linking: 

•    Existing PayPulse Ts and Cs apply
•    The PayPulse dormancy rules apply
•    PayPulse limit rules apply
•    PayPulse fee structure applies
•    PayPulse transaction capability applies
•    Card linking does not apply – only wallet 
•    No interest accumulated on the group account

How exactly does it work?

In order to be part of the group save, you need to be registered on PayPulse. The “group save” account can be created in the PayPulse App and a maximum of 37 members can be invited to the group by simply searching for the contacts on your contacts list or by inserting the mobile number of the members they wish to invite. This is a step-by-step process of how it works:

•    The invited client receives an In-App/SMS notification and they would have to choose whether they want to join the group or decline the invite.
•    Once the client accepts the invitation by clicking on the In-app notification and accepting the Ts and Cs they are routed to the created Group Account.
•    By simply clicking on the appropriate icon a client can toggle between their own personal PayPulse and the various group accounts they may be part of.
•    The creator of the account will not be able to complete a transaction without the approval of the designated deputy (as selected by the creator in the set-up process). 
•    The remaining clients only have viewing rights to see the balance and transaction history of the account for transparency sake. 
•    Funds available in the wallet can be used as agreed at any occasion just as per the current set up on PayPulse
•    All members get a notification when any member contributes to the group. However, when money is debited from the account only the creator and the deputy will receive notifications.
•    Closing of the group will be active until the Admin and 50% of the Deputy Admins close the group.

Do I need to have a Standard Bank account to join the Group Save account?

No, you do not necessarily have to bank with Standard Ban. You need to be registered on PayPulse.

Can I join more than 1 group save account?

Yes you can.

What makes PayPulse Group Save different? What is the added value?

The Group Save enhancement allows for transparency as members can view the transaction history of the account. Hence the management of the funds are not blindly entrusted to one individual only as there is also a deputy who have to authorize expenditures that the Admin would like to make. The accounts can be created in APP and a maximum of 37 members can be invited to the group by simply searching for the contacts on your contacts list or by inserting the mobile number of the members they wish to invite.



How can I reverse a transaction made via PayPulse?

To reverse a PayPulse transaction, please visit your nearest Standard Bank branch and fill in a reversal form.

I have forgotten my PayPulse PIN. How can I reset it?

To reset your PIN, please contact the toll-free Customer Contact Centre on 92860 or visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.

I accidently blocked my PayPulse PIN. How can I reset it? 

To reset your PIN, please contact the toll-free Customer Contact Centre on 92860 or visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.

I am having trouble linking my card to my PayPulse Account. I either do not receive my One-Time PIN (OTP) or receive an error message. What must I do?

Please ensure that your bank has your current cellphone number and that it is your preferred contact method.Twenty-four hours after updating your information with your bank, please try transacting from your PayPulse Account again.


What is it about PayPulse that'll get my heart racing?
  • Link any chipped card from any bank
  • Unbeatable security through every registration and payment step
  • No charge for sign up, no monthly fees. Electricity, airtime, parking and merchant purchases are free. N$2.50 for Wallet transaction, N$5.00 for Card transaction for invoice and rates and taxes payments
How do I get my finger on the pulse?
  • Register with your name, cellphone number and email address to receive a PIN
  • A PayPulse account is then created for you automatically
  • Enter your debit or credit card details (from any bank) to link it to your PayPulse account (app only)
  • Receive and enter an OTP sent to your phone via 3D Secure
  • And you're done!
What happens if I don’t have a card?
  • Deposit money into your PayPulse Account at any Standard Bank branch, PnP or Woerman Brock merchant
  • Top-up your PayPulse Account directly from your Standard Bank account via Standard Bank Online Banking, the Mobile App or Cellphone Banking. You don’t need to have a Standard Bank account to use PayPulse.